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Buildings and Contents Insurance

Covering damage to buildings and loss of contents

Covering the Cost of Putting Things Right

Unfortunately there are some things we cannot control, no matter how hard we might try. Your buildings and contents are likely to be among your largest and most expensive assets and yet so many things beyond your control can happen that may result in significant damage or loss.

Our buildings and contents insurance protects your business in the event of damage to your building by fire, flood, burst pipes or similar disaster. Should any of these things happen to your business, you stand to lose a great deal, perhaps even your entire business and livelihood.

That’s where having the right buildings and contents insurance comes into play. Whether you are freeholder, leaseholder or tenant, having appropriate insurance from AiR could well be the difference between failure and survival.

Buildings and Contents Insurance

How AiR Can Help You

We provide expert advice on buildings and contents insurance

AiR is experienced in advising on and arranging the most appropriate insurance for buildings and contents for its clients.

Why you need buildings and contents insurance

  • Building damaged from natural disaster, water leak, gas leak, theft and so on;
  • Replacement equipment and repairs to buildings;
  • Trace and access. What happens if, following damage caused to the building, the source needs to be established? This could include trying to find cables, underground pipes and drains, or the source of a gas leak or escape of water, processes that can be not only extremely invasive but also very costly; and
  • Reasonable loss prevention costs, including, for example, data and document recovery.
Buildings and Contents Insurance

Covering Your Office Contents

Office contents insurance is designed to protect your business’s equipment, such as computers, office furniture, and documents. This can cover both working from office premises or from a home office.

Your office contents insurance will typically cover the following broad categories:

  • Accidental damage;
  • Loss of data;
  • Personal property belonging to employees or visitors;
  • Possessions away from the office; and
  • Theft cover.

What isn’t covered by office contents insurance?

Office contents insurance will not cover you:

Office Data Loss

How AiR Can Help You

At AiR, we do not want our clients to be faced with any unexpected surprises. But if you are, our raison d’etre is to ensure you are prepared for it.

We ensure that our clients are covered against risks such as theft, fire and water damage, even if the possessions are temporarily away from the workplace. We know that things happen at the most inopportune times and so the policies we provide can also cover items like visitor’s belongings or valuable art and sculptures.

Yet another illustration of how we cater for our client’s individual needs and tailor the required cover specifically to their needs.

And should things get really bad and you find that you are no longer able to trade, that’s when you need our Legal Expenses and Business Interruption Insurance.

Business Objects On Desk

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