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Buildings and Contents Insurance

Covering damage to buildings and loss of contents

Covering the Cost of Putting Things Right

Unfortunately there are some things we cannot control and damage caused by fire, flood or some other disaster often fall under that category. Having the right buildings and contents insurance however, whether you are freeholder, leaseholder or tenant, will cover the cost of putting it right.

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Buildings and Contents Insurance

How AiR Can Help You

We provide expert advice on buildings and contents insurance

AiR is experienced in advising on and arranging the most appropriate insurance for buildings and contents for its clients. For example, the policy will typically cover the following:


  • Building damaged from theft or attempted theft;
  • Trace and access. What happens if, following damage caused to the building, the source needs to be established? This could include trying to find cables, underground pipes and drains, or the source of a gas leak or escape of water, processes that can be not only extremely invasive but also very costly; and
  • Reasonable loss prevention costs.
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