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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Protecting your commercial motoring assets

We cover the full spectrum of commercial motor insurance

Who needs commercial vehicle insurance?

Anyone who owns or drives a vehicle for business purposes or anyone that operates a vehicle rental or fleet business. Our commercial motor insurance covers you if you own any type of commercial vehicles including self-drive hire, courier van fleets, taxi and company fleets, courtesy cars, bus / coach fleets, HGVs and luxury fleets. If you use any of these vehicles for your business, you will need commercial vehicle insurance.

What does commercial vehicle insurance cover?

Our bespoke insurance policies can be tailored to suit your business needs and the types of vehicles you use, own or operate. Typically, motor insurance covers you for vehicle theft, damage to vehicles (accidental or deliberate), and injury claims in the event of an accident.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

How can commercial motor insurance from AiR help YOU?

AiR arranges cover for its clients across the full spectrum of commercial vehicle needs and for a wide range of operators.

We work on a bespoke basis, because it’s vital we get to know our clients and their needs, meaning we never apply a one-size fits all approach.

Given our links within the industry, we are also able to arrange exclusive discounts on the installation of tracking devices for your fleet. Not only does this mean your company saves money straight away, it also makes it more likely you’ll save money on vehicle insurance premiums for years to come.

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