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Employer’s Liability Insurance

Ensuring you have the correct cover in place for your employees

What is an employee?

It sounds obvious, but it is not always clear to some businesses whether their staff are employees or contractors. These blurred lines can lead to expensive mistakes and a potential for underinsurance, putting the company at serious financial risk.


How will AiR help?

As part of its client care, AiR provides an advisory service in this capacity to ensure its clients have the correct cover in place. We’ll help you stay protected in two key areas: Employer’s Liability Insurance and Employment Practice Liability Insurance.

What Is An Employee

An employee is…

…someone in the business:

  • for whom national insurance and income tax is deducted from the salary before paying them;
  • who controls when, where and how they work; and
  • who cannot simply substitute with another if they cannot.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

Employer’s liability insurance is compulsory for any business that employs staff. So, the question to ask is not whether the insurance is required, but what is the right level of cover for your business.

That is where AiR’s expertise and contacts in the marketplace makes a difference.

This type of insurance provides cover in the event that one of your employees is injured or becomes ill whilst working at your company. The minimum cover required by the Employer’s Liability Act, as amended, is £5 million, although our minimum cover is typically extended to £10 million to provide that extra peace of mind.

Employment Practice Liability Insurance

The second area of key employer’s insurance is employment practice liability insurance.

This provides legal protection for businesses in the event that an employee makes an allegation of discrimination (this can cover many forms, including sexual and racial discrimination), harassment, unfair or wrongful dismissal. The cover includes legal costs and damages incurred by the employer.

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