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Public Liability Insurance

Protecting the public and your business

The Public Risks of Your Business Activities

If you own a business of any kind, you should regularly assess the potential risks to the public that could arise from your business activities.

Even if you don’t operate a high-risk business, you still need to ensure you are covered. Contact with the public could take many forms such as site visits, meetings and events.

Regular business activities such as inviting people to your office for a meeting carries some risk, however small.

Public Liability Slips And Falls

How Can AiR Help?

AiR will listen to and consult with you from the beginning. We will always make expert recommendations based on your individual requirements and in your best interests. Having the correct public liability policy in place ensures you are covered in the event of accidental bodily injury such as trips and slips as well as damage caused to property.

For small businesses in particular, the nature of these incidents, although low in frequency, can often result in relatively high cost settlements, illustrating the value of ensuring the right policy is place.

Public liability insurance policies can also, when required, provide cover for the products businesses manufacture or sell. Even if a product is given away, it must still be deemed fit for purpose. If it is not, it is the business who will be legally responsible for any damages or injury caused from a defective product if something wrong. In an ever increasingly litigious society, having no or inadequate public liability insurance is not worth the business risk.

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