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Legal Expenses & Business Interruption Insurance

Insurance Protection Beyond The Obvious

Business Interruption

Even the most careful and well-run businesses are open to numerous risks, many of which are beyond their control.

Business interruption insurance is developed to cover our clients in circumstances whereby they lose income because of an inability to trade. This could be for a variety of unforeseen reasons such as fire, flood or theft.

Fire At Business

Legal Expenses


Should legal action be taken against our clients’ business, such as disputes about contracts, debt collection, damage to property or bodily injury, these policies could cover the costs of legal advice, representation and compensation pay outs.

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How Can AiR Help?


One of the areas where AiR provides added value to its clients is by appraising their businesses in detail. Our role is to provide the correct advice not only as to what cover the client thinks they need but to also consider that which may not always be so obvious. Arranging the appropriate commercial legal protection is a typical example.

AiR stands out because we consider our clients’ businesses from every angle and, acting their best interests at all times, make recommendations based on their requirements.

Taking out business interruption insurance with AiR provides protection for our clients when, for example, their business is interrupted as a result of insured damage to:

  • their office;
  • property nearby preventing access to their office; and
  • the premises of a supplier of yours in the EU causing a loss of business to our client.

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